Each person is endowed with creative abilities.  Sometimes having someone hand you the KEY is all you need to get started learning to play.  Many think they can’t play. But those who try, love TheMusicWheel. 

TheMusicWheel will teach you how to:

  • Compose your own music

  • Transpose from one key to another

  • Play with other musicians 

I guarantee this product will accelerate your understanding of music theory
— Gloria Andresen Creator of TMW

Music wheel cover page

I built this product because I am 100% sure that it works.

TheMusicWheel has served musicians for 15 years! 

I designed TheMusicWheel in 2000 while teaching young students to play the piano. After five years of testing its usefulness on musicians, teachers, and students, I reduced TheMusicWheel into a one-layer product that makes music theory simple.

TheMusicWheel's simplicity in explaining the complex language of music is unparalleled. Learn to play along with other musician's, compose a song, and transpose from one key to another.

My real intention was to make it simple, to make it an introduction to music theory, and, to make it useful for musicians of guitar, mandolin, and other instruments as a quick reference tool for jamming.
— Gloria Andresen

You are guaranteed to accelerate your understanding of music theory!